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A Smart Alpha-Bet

Memory – it is made up of flashes of experiences, words, feelings. All wrapped into one.

Well, so are these nifty posters from graphical shop, Eakdesign. Plus, they look a hell of a lot better on your wall.

These tasty typographical treats create the acronyms of CHI or STL by cleverly stacking words of the things that make these Midwestern hubs so great. “WGN,” “Addison,” “the Cubs,” “Pizzeria Uno” – just to name a few – are real, visceral concepts that get to the heart of the place they represent, proving yet again what the Windy City is all  about: local news, mediocre sports and artery-clogging nosh.

But, just like a city, these posters are made up not just by the sum of their parts, but by the parts themselves. Or we can forget all this Nabokovian mumbo-jumbo and dust off a place on the wall. That Acrostic poem celebrating “W-A-L-K-E-R  T-E-X-A-S  R-A-N-G-E-R” that you’ve had up for the past eight years has finally met its match (and by the way, ‘Xceptional biceps’ doesn’t really work anyway).

Get your Eak on at Etsy.com.


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Everyday, photojournalists put their asses on the line to capture the amazing images that help us understand our world – 1/900th of a second at a time. They are called mad men, artists, news mercenaries and inevitably get respect, admiration (and cream of the female reporter crop) while telling their death-defying stories at the local newsy watering holes in Jakarta or Baghdad or Minsk. Meanwhile, their compatriots are back in Boise and Boston slaving away behind a computer, putting the essence of what you’re seeing into one to two curt sentences.

Ah, the lonely art of the caption writer. The AP Stylebook (every newsman’s bible) gives the poor gent this charge: “Whenever possible, try to keep captions to no more than two concise sentences, while including only the relevent information. Try to anticipate what information the reader will need. DO NOT use descriptive overlines.”

Short, bland, to-the-point. The caption man’s craft is hardly glamorous work.

That is, until now. The Big Caption is stealing some of the thunder from the shutterbug  and giving the caption writer his fair share with dozens of humorous, poignant and down-right-true statements set in unique and original typography on top of today’s most famous images. Check out a sampling of these awesome images below and be sure to mosey on over to the daily photoblog to get the news the way it should be given.

And, caption writers, rock on.

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