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Putting Maps on the Artistic Map

Do you ever stop and think to yourself, “Self, it’s so hard to find quality art that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional…”? I mean, sure it looks cool, but have you ever tried to read the time off those dripping clocks? Nearly impossible unless you’re on a wicked acid bender.

Coming to our logistical-artistic rescue is Axis Maps – claiming an equal dedication to both classic cartography and design.

So say they: “Axis Maps is custom cartography for the digital age. We are recognized experts in both the traditions of cartography and the innovations of interactive media… Our strong foundation in the principles of design, our experiences working with a wide range of clients, and our insights from the latest cartographic research and usability testing allows us to build custom mapping products of the highest quality.”

What it really means is they’re combining traditional cartography methods with the power of the digital age to create incredibly distinct and accurate custom maps, which – to no one’s surprise – turn out to be exceptional pieces of art as well (think Ork posters in action).

This detailed map of downtown Chicago relies on typography to not only to describe, but also define the visual elements.

Be afraid, street signs, be very afraid.


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Putting Face to Paper

Thanks to designer Tim Yarzhombeck, facial hair is not just for personal expression any more, it’s also for proper expression!


fonts, beards

Making the spelling of "Supercalifragalisticexpealodocious" in beard over 1,000x faster.

Meet the new face of typography: the beard font. Borrowing from possibly the oldest form of expression in existence, this may be the manliest typeface since the advent of Arial bold (preferably 46-point font).

Scientists say that hair growth may be the last expressive link between us and monkeys, but I’d still like to see Mr. Peepers grow a proper Fu Manchu.

In any case, we can all rest easier knowing we’re one step closer to world peace, now that the rival factions of Remington razors and Remington typewriters can finally live as one.



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Speedy Delivery – Communication Gets Old School

In these days of Tweets, txts, pics and pokes, it’s easy to forget that communication is all about style. Thanks to the officials at the Bureau of Communication, classic telegrams have found a breath of new life in an increasingly digital world.

Official BOC Folios

Official BOC Folios

Say goodbye to stickies, evites and emails. Dialog just got bureaucratic again thanks to the Bureau of Communication. Because that whole brevity thing is overrated after all.

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Ork Posters – ‘Cuz Every City Needs a Little Style

After drooling over these unique posters for months, I was able to visit the Ravenswood Art Walk (RAW) this past weekend and visit the Ork studios for myself. Check out these one-of-a-kinders for yourself. Bee’s Knees Approved!

I purchased the Deep Red poster of Chicago Neighborhoods

I purchased the Deep Red poster of Chicago Neighborhoods

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