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Yo, Flo

There are certain products that, well, generally don’t get the primetime advertising spots due to the nature of what they’re pettling. They make us nervous, they make us giggle, they make us feel a little bit less like Greek gods and more like the dirty little creatures that we are.

But why can’t we take a good angle on even the most uncomfortable subject matter in order to get its very valid benefits across? With that in mind, say “Hello Flo.”

This little startup won’t even launch until September, but they are already making waves by pre-empting the delivery of a much-appreciated product to a very niche crowd. As they put it: “Tampons, pads, and candy delivered right to your door. Simplified, Period.” See what they did there? Sure you do.

And that’s the point *wink, wink*.  They’ve turned this taboo topic on its head and made it commonplace… and even a bit funny. They’re getting rave reviews from their first spot, *wink wink* which went viral online in a matter of days. You know, the internet, that place where most likely their target audience is whiling away four or five uncomfortable days.


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More Positively Awesome PSAs

I’ll go on record: I love PSAs.

Especially the clever, the outstanding, the shocking, the unique. Because if there’s one example of how even the most boring messages (and public service announcements are most certainly that) can be turned into something special, than this is it.

Perhaps the best I’ve found yet is the catchy jingle, dark humor and adorable animations that are used to convince dumb Aussies not to die on Metro trains. Sounds like a real winner, right? Just press play.

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Zombies a Good Candy Commercial Make

Well, Starburst has done it again. I’m not sure that a Korean-Scottish… um… bagpiper is officially a contradiction in terms, but this spot sure keeps with the brands’ funny-weird-wtf-ish style. Zombies… does anything say juicy, sugary, Yellow Number Fivey deliciousness better? I’ll take that as a ‘guten tag, mate!’


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Dino – It’s What’s for Dinner

“Mein Liebling, just running out to ze store to grab some milk, eggs und perhaps eine Velociraptor loin.”

Could that be a conversation you would overhear from the Flintstone’s Bavarian cousins (die Flintsteins, of course) or from shoppers at one of two dozen German grocery stores that lined their butcher cases with choice cuts of Mammoth steaks, Dinosaur legs and Sabertooth Tiger fillets earlier this year? Hint, it’s the latter – and it was an ad stunt.

DDB Berlin put this historic/pre-historic campaign together to tout the exceptional cooling power of Bosch’s new VitaFresh technology.

A cross-channel champion, the team used in-store flyers, intercom announcements and even the oh-so-rarely-appropriate QR Codes on the packaging to steer curious customers to mobile apps explaining why the hell there were slabs of prehistoric meat in their grocer’s cooler.

The campaign reached over 75,000 consumers in 24 supermarkets over the course of six days. The results? 236% more visitors to the campaign’s microsite and a 530% increase in the length of stay. Pretty Mammoth metrics if you ask me.

See below for a video of the campaign.

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Back to the Future

Have you ever poured yourself a nice ’76 Chablis, stoked the hardwood fire and settled in for a long session of pondering what the world would have looked like if we had today’s technology 50 years ago? Of course you have, so I’ll get right to the hard-hitting question: what the hell would the advertising look like?

In case you weren’t expecting clever anachronistic design, let me just remind you that this is a blog about digital media written in pre-war cop jargon.

The irony is palpable.

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