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My Agency for an Infograph

Well, with Mad Men on hiatus, what else will you people find to fill that nasty dark hole? How about an infograph from the clever peeps behind Grip Limited’s The Big Orange Slide blog.

The part about the desk drawers is mostly true… if only it were easier to find a handgun in continental Europe.


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Once Upon an Infograph…

Is there such a thing as clever cliches? That oxymoron is what the creative slaves at design firm Wing had in mind when developing posters for the New York Latino Film Festival.

They’ve picked a few of the most obvious, eye-rolling plot elements and added a clever twist using the visual language of our digital generation — infographs. I guess the point is to contrast the fest’s independent, intriguing film lineup to the uninspiring mainstream movies that we generally put up with.

Good job, guys. I have to admit, they really gave it 110%.

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