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Pretty in #16-2124

In commemoration of sixty years ¬†of Queenily rule, Pantone has teamed up with Leo Burnett London to equip designers and Monarchy-philes alike with a dazzling limited edition Pantone wheel. The ¬†collector’s item organizes the Queen’s favorite fashion colors into handy Pantone numbers and features enough pastel to make the Easter Bunny puke up his Cadbury Eggs.

So, who’s next? I vote for a commemoration of Johnny Cash’s 80th birthday. Hell, it would be an easy print run.

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Bump it… Bump it Real Good

Don’t think that the digital world is getting more and more tactile by the day? Wish that ‘folders,’ ‘windows,’ and ‘recycling bins’ would stay in their own magical world of binary? Too bad. New programs are more tangible and closer to their real life models than ever before.

One example – Bump Top. Because we all like to knock things around as much in the digital world as we do in the physical.

Now if only real life had a restart button… oh wait, it does. It’s called Wild Turkey.

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