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Why Content Strategy Doesn’t Suck

The image below is as funny as it is frightfully true. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Brad Shorr put together this damn good article for Smashing magazine on Content Strategy and why it’s important for design. It’s targeted as a primer for designers and the like, but it’s also a good refresher and direction for writers and content strategists.

And talk about lead by example; the clear structure and language is ideal proof that smart content strategy can get your point across more successfully.

Now, if I could only remember where I left that damned  “I ❤ blogs” sweater…

Infograph important of good content strategy

Image credit: Chris Depa, Straight North


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Sighing of the Times

As we know from Allstate commercials, America is pushing back from the table of glut and reaching deep inside ourselves to see who we really are. So who are we? How do we find ourselves? My guess is not from a guy peddling sappy Depression stories and car insurance.

Here’s a thought: maybe we need to look at where we came from, to truly see where we are now. Ding ding ding.

Newsweek had the same idea when they published a list of the Fifty Books to Read Right Now. Graphic novels, science fiction, accounts of history not found in the history books, even a biography on God. And to headline them all, a satirical comedy 135 years old to tell us who we are… now.

So for those that want to ground themselves in why we’ve come to the place that we are, forget about saving 15% or more in 15 minutes and go to the source.


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