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Up High, Down Low, Too F***ing Slow

Some days, everything just turns out right.

You hit twelve green lights in a row on the way to work. There’s one last lemon head in the bottom of your coat pocket. You manage to slide into your cube mere moments before the boss rolls by. These are simple moments when the stars align, Lady Fortuna drops her top and everything just comes out right.

You look about, ready to slap some palm with the nearest human being… but no one’s around. Until now.

When those ‘booyeah’ moments arise, just slide on over to High F***ing Five and get some digital props. Hosted by an ad copywriter who found himself “really bored, a lot” – huh, you don’t say – HF5 is like a permanent collection in the Louvre of online awesomeness, featuring all kinds of wacky, candid and downright hilarious shots of people going high and low.


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It Burns So Good

Hey, you. Put down that cocktail for a second and listen. And not just because it’s 10am on a Tuesday.

Have you ever stopped to think just how much has happened since that bourbon you’re quaffing (it’s a word; look it up) was first destined to encourage bad decisions?

Well, luckily for you, someone did. Jim Beam’s ‘Beamfire’ campaign highlights the space that has been lost in the 8 years that it takes to age its Black Label bourbon.

With some funny one-liners and a social media microsite where you can throw the ‘old you’ into a virtual fire, it’s getting pretty interesting.

So pour yourself another couple fingers, log on and check out the fireworks.

I’d highly recommend not trying to take this bonfire thing offline, however. Eight years is good for whiskey, but spending that amount of time in the pokey ain’t gonna age you quite as well.

Although with that amount of time to dabble, I’m sure the toilet gin you concoct might be just delightful.

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Pouring Oil on Troubled Water Filled with Troubled Oil

So we’re finally beyond the point where anyone – BP, the Prez, Tiger Woods  – can try to pass off the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as anything other than a major world catastrophe. I mean, this thing is leaking more juice than Sarah Ferguson’s pocketbook. Youch.

But, if you still feel like this disaster is remote and isolated from your everyday life, here’s a nifty – and depressing – site where you can bring the full impact of the oil spill home. Just plug in your hometown and this GoogleMap mashup will show you just what the slick would look like if it were covering your ‘hood… nay, state.

Here’s a shot of it covering my hometown of Chicago. Hmm… now Gary doesn’t look nearly as bleak as it used to.

But in all seriousness, let’s get this thing fixed and let’s hold those responsible… responsible.

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Hell Is Just an Extended Job Interview

Ugh… the dreaded job interview. Whether you wore the slacks with the giant hole in the crotch or you mistakenly called the interviewer ‘mom’, we’ve all have some gems to retell over a few beers at the bar. And with unemployment continuing its rise into the upper jet stream, we’re pretty much assured a steady diet of horrible job interview stories for a long time to come.

Organizing and expounding just a wee bit upon all these great stories is Golden Grant – a microsite ode to the most legendary awkward moments know to the working (or non working) world. It’s the perfect thing to waste away those boring days on the job and – after your boss finds out about all the time you waste watching videos on the internet – you too can add your own embarrassing yarns from the dozens and dozens of interviews that are waiting for you.

Don’t worry, you’re not unemployed, you’re just NSFW.

Okee, in all fairness, I’m a little biased because my kid brother did the animation for these, but still, they’re still damn good stuff.

Find more at www.GoldenGrant.com.

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You AutoComplete Me…

Ever wonder how Google’s predictive search bar can be so accurate? I mean, how did Google know that I was wondering “What happens when… tarantulas crawl up my nostril hole?”

AutoCompleteMe.com takes a look at some of the more eyebrow raising predictive searches that Google comes up with. And remember, this means hundreds of people are searching for things like “Will we poop in heaven”… hundreds. I mean, it is a valid question, afterall.

No wonder Google is taking over the world.

Yeah, me either...

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No Ruts About It

Life. What a crazy ride. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Ah, so true. So true.

Wait, no it’s not! Life is a steaming pile of blah. You get up everyday in the same bed, you pull on the same ratty Ghostbusters t-shirt (man, you really gotta wash that thing), you sludge off to the same boring job and eat the same Ramen-capers-and-tuna casserole before slowly crying yourself to sleep while the same reruns of Bewitched drone off in the night. Life is an experiment my ass.

Luckily, now you can add just a tiny bit of excitement to your otherwise dull existence, thanks to Unrut.com. With this Google Maps mashup, you can type in whatever it is you’re looking for (I would suggest dry cleaners) plus an address or Zip code and it spits back a list of purveyors in your area.

Chicago? Pssh... been there, done that.

Here’s where it gets all unexpected on your ass: as you try the listed restaurants, coffee shops and bars, it keeps track of where you’ve been. Subsequent searches for the same thing bring up new locations and forgo the old – giving you a small semblance of exhilaration.

Maybe next you can start watching television shows from the past twenty years! Hell, anything’s possible.

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