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Tasteful Spots, Tasty Shots

Maybe it’s due to the week I spent drinking my way through Ireland, but it seems like Jameson is one of the few liquor brands successfully finding a way to reinforce a stale brand image.

It’s par for the course for more established brands to lean on their ‘history’ when battling new competitive upstarts, but only Jameson does it with such a high level of wit, humor and blockbuster-caliber cinematography.

Plus, every schoolboy needs an idol. Go get ’em John Jameson.


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More Positively Awesome PSAs

I’ll go on record: I love PSAs.

Especially the clever, the outstanding, the shocking, the unique. Because if there’s one example of how even the most boring messages (and public service announcements are most certainly that) can be turned into something special, than this is it.

Perhaps the best I’ve found yet is the catchy jingle, dark humor and adorable animations that are used to convince dumb Aussies not to die on Metro trains. Sounds like a real winner, right? Just press play.

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R-ready for Bed Time

Who said family movie night has to be limited to the “Hanna Montana Gets a Hangnail” or the 5,000th viewing of “Finding Nemo”? Now you can share all your favorite R-rated moments in a kid-friendly way with the tenuous-but-tasty art of illustrator Josh Cooley.

After all, there’s no better way to send Timmy off to slumberland than with Don Corleone leaving a horse head in his bed. Bed time will never be the same.

See them all at cooley.bigcartel.com

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Dreaming of Next Year

Maybe it’s because I, too, dream of the day when a party like this erupts on the North Side of Chicago.

Maybe it’s because I’m still a little bitter about the well-written, but short-sighted Gawker rant claiming that advertising sucks the souls out of creative professionals.

Or maybe it’s just because this short spot for a video game embodies everything that I believe advertising — yes, that demon of modern capitalist ennui — can and should strive to do: just tell a great story.

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Photoshop Panacea

The billion-dollar beauty industry is about to bite the dust. And it looks like the wunderdrug that will put it out of its glossy, glitzy misery has been under the nose of every graphic designer for years.

This great mock ad from Jesse Rosten gives beauty advertising — and the unrealistic, unrelenting image of the “ideal woman” that it promotes — a taste of its own medicine.

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Freaky Fast = Friggin’ Funny

Ah, the classic ‘short-guy-comedian-meets-gigantic-basketball-legend’ bit. As classic as mom’s apple pie. I mean, Ben Stein and Shaq teaming up for Comcast? Genius, duh!

So when Adidas tapped Ken Jeong and a starting lineup of ball players, it was sure to be a slamma jamma. Plus, Ken Jeong is actually funny.

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Nike Soccer: Now with the Ability to See into the Future!*

*Must be a world-class football star and get paid boatloads of cash in order to see into future.

Just on time and just on point, the latest Nike soccer commercial launched as the frenzy of the World Cup is reaching a breaking point. Using their proven formula of high-priced stars, whiplash-inducing flash cuts and futuristic plots, Nike has… done it yet again. Enjoy.

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