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Bad Buzz: Old Spice Has B.O.

There’s an easy way to know when an ad campaign has made it – generally around that time you drop the punchline on your work buddies at lunch and the creepy guy from accounting starts squirting milk out of his nose. For your sake, I hope he was drinking milk.

Undoubtedly that campaign last year was Wieden + Kennedy’s “Smell Like a Man” spots for Old Spice. It won them an I’m-on-a-boat-load of awards including scoring the agency AdWeek’s Agency of the Year honors.

There’s also an easy way to spot when the same agency starts resting on their skinny-jean-loving laurels and jump the shark. Generally it’s around the time your mom sends you an email asking if you’ve seen this “super cute little video”. Well, Old Spice lovers, prepare for some 24-pt. fuscia Arial coming your way…


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The Spice is Back

Old Spice’s break out commercial campaign from Wieden + Wieden, featuring bare-chested manly man, Isaiah Mustafa, is back – although this time sans horse. And it seems to have already created a buzz, scoring the coveted Grand Prixe award at Cannes (I’m assuming the judges panel is all women).

But although the awesomeness and tongue-in-cheek humor remains, I can’t help but be disapointed that the agency ‘splurged’ for CGI effects instead of doing the stunts old school like the previous version. Having geeks typing away at computers for weeks just isn’t as – dare I say – manly as figuring out the crazy logistics on set.

Ah hell, whatever, it’s still damn funny and on point. Look at me, I’m on a blog.

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