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Fonts for the Masses

The revolution will not be televised.

But it might very well be printed in hella cool fonts. At least, that is, if the minds behind Lost Type Co-Op have anything to do with it.

Lost Type is the first of its kind: an online library of original font types contributed by its users, where shoppers can download their selection and then choose how much they’d like to donate directly to the designer.

No more price tags, no more bazaar-style haggling; just pick your font, pay what you think it’s worth and be on your merry, typesetting way.

It also helps that these are some of the dang-nam slickest types available today. See them all here.



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I Like Your Style, Dude

Come on, you’re being very un-Dude, dude. But just wait ’til you get a load of these dudes.

Self-dubbed Etsy artists TommyAlexJoel DejaTapsBrown were just looking for an artsy way to enjoy their favorites Big Lebowski lines between viewings — but they just couldn’t find the thing that  put the Kaluha in their cups.

So they took matters into their own hands.

“Finding nothing that seemed right we put our heads together to create our own designs. Our mates were keen and putting them out to a wider audience seemed like half a plan.


We’ve been overwhelmed by your reaction, and will continue to bring you new designs as soon as they pop into our 3 heads.”

Fuckin’ A, man.

All the more reason to put down the remote and check out these cool Lebowski-inspired poster at their Etsy shop, VisualEtiquette.

Plus, they’ve got some pretty snappy posters for other cult favorites, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That must be exhausting.



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A Smart Alpha-Bet

Memory – it is made up of flashes of experiences, words, feelings. All wrapped into one.

Well, so are these nifty posters from graphical shop, Eakdesign. Plus, they look a hell of a lot better on your wall.

These tasty typographical treats create the acronyms of CHI or STL by cleverly stacking words of the things that make these Midwestern hubs so great. “WGN,” “Addison,” “the Cubs,” “Pizzeria Uno” – just to name a few – are real, visceral concepts that get to the heart of the place they represent, proving yet again what the Windy City is all  about: local news, mediocre sports and artery-clogging nosh.

But, just like a city, these posters are made up not just by the sum of their parts, but by the parts themselves. Or we can forget all this Nabokovian mumbo-jumbo and dust off a place on the wall. That Acrostic poem celebrating “W-A-L-K-E-R  T-E-X-A-S  R-A-N-G-E-R” that you’ve had up for the past eight years has finally met its match (and by the way, ‘Xceptional biceps’ doesn’t really work anyway).

Get your Eak on at Etsy.com.

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Putting Maps on the Artistic Map

Do you ever stop and think to yourself, “Self, it’s so hard to find quality art that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional…”? I mean, sure it looks cool, but have you ever tried to read the time off those dripping clocks? Nearly impossible unless you’re on a wicked acid bender.

Coming to our logistical-artistic rescue is Axis Maps – claiming an equal dedication to both classic cartography and design.

So say they: “Axis Maps is custom cartography for the digital age. We are recognized experts in both the traditions of cartography and the innovations of interactive media… Our strong foundation in the principles of design, our experiences working with a wide range of clients, and our insights from the latest cartographic research and usability testing allows us to build custom mapping products of the highest quality.”

What it really means is they’re combining traditional cartography methods with the power of the digital age to create incredibly distinct and accurate custom maps, which – to no one’s surprise – turn out to be exceptional pieces of art as well (think Ork posters in action).

This detailed map of downtown Chicago relies on typography to not only to describe, but also define the visual elements.

Be afraid, street signs, be very afraid.

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You’re Just My Type

You know when you’re working on that manuscript for a post-Apocalyptic sequel to The Great Gatsby and you just don’t think the scene where Nick and the Neon Space Monkey are drinking in the Coco Bongo Club has the same gravity when written in Times New Roman?

Well – lucky for you, Pointdexter – now there’s a solution to that age-old problem.

Introducing a couple of awesomely authentic online font houses that are pushing out some great Art Deco and other unique typefaces.

Font Bros. are typin’ it straight old school with classic fonts re-imagined. Choose your word weapon by era (like Art Deco 1910-1935) or by style (handwritten, graffiti, etc.) and get a whole slew of cool types to choose from.

They even have a tasty collection of original icons and symbols, because we all know a dingbat is worth a thousand words.

If you’re more of a Mad Men junky, Font Diner may just be the ticket. These guys are serving up retro style typefaces that reflect classic pop culture signage, like the Motel King and the Chicken Basket.

Not to be outdone on the jazz-age front, they have a couple nice Art Deco fonts too – the Emblem Chief seems blow in on billowing steam and stainless steel. Either way you slice it, Mac, these fonts are more than Bee’s Knees approved. And you never know, they might just help you figure out that pesky anachronism when Humphrey Bogart meets the the primordial blob in Chapter Six.


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