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Flicks to the Future

It’s a scientific fact: everything was better back in the day.

To put that maxim to the test, designer Peter Stults has created vintage movie poster mashups that combine today’s hottest box office hits (read: crap) with yesteryear’s coolest actors and designs. Consider it blockbusters from a bygone era.

Hell, before it just felt as if the plot of “Avatar” had been done a million times before — now here’s the proof.


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Vintage from a New Vantage

What made the Golden Age of Cinema so great? Leading men and women that didn’t end up in Betty Ford for blowing snow off midget strippers? Thoughtful effects that didn’t come from a lab of computer geeks? Actual… I don’t know… writing?

No. Great vintage movie posters, that’s what. Luckily, British design firm, LaBoca (enjoy that link, Georgia O’Keefe), helps us recall back to the days of Bogie and Bacall with sleekly dark posters for Darren Afronosky’s Black Swan that draw inspiration from Eastern Bloc designs from the 60s.

So who’s the ugly duckling now?

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