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It’s About Football…

Okee, so it might just be the fact that I’ve been counting down the days to the 2010 World Cup since the last whistle sounded four years ago – but I think it’s fair to say this is a great commercial. Not only is it a well thought-out ad, but it really gets to the heart of soccer and what the cup means to the world.

And they’re not trying to even sell anything… well, maybe several billion dollars in advertising. And football.


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Become the Next Urinal Messi…

These will go down as one of the most creative, enjoyable and spot-on advertising campaigns of all time. These games of skill had *ahem* sharpshooters all over Europe downing extra pints just to get in line for the loo during the World Cup ’06 in Germany. Looks like they’re back in Brasil just in time for the ’10 games.

Leave it to ESPN to know exactly what guys like. Game on!

ESPN advertising

Try not to bend it like Beckham, buddy, I'm standing here.

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